Group is having a workforce of more than 100 dedicated employees comprising a team of qualified engineers, professionals with more than 20 years of experience.

The plant is equipped with variety of production machines some of them are :
• Lathe machines of Various Sizes & Capacity
• Drill Machines
• Welding Machines
• Hydraulic Dynamometers
• Electronic testing boards- maintained with most accuracy & efficiency meter such as Current watt, high voltage, frequency, temperature, exhaust gas analyzer, High Voltage Tasters, counter meter, Digital timer, Hours meter, ph mater, Stop watch ,Clam tester, Conductivity meter, etc.
• Instruments, Gauges & Tools such as : Dial Varnier/ Varnier Caliper (Dial/Digital 0 – 200)/ Depth Varnier/ Micro meter/ Temp Gauge/ Dial Gauge/ Diesel Compression Gauge/ Tacho Meter/ Different Plug Gauges/ Test Pieces/ Bore Gauges 18- 35/ Pressure Gauge/ Vacuum Gauge/ Current transformer/Electric Motors/ V’ Notch/Slip Gauge Blocks/Outside Micro Meters (Dial/Digital)/Depth Micrometer/ Dial thickness gauge/ Snap Gauge/ V-Block/ Coating thickness Gauge/ Inside Micrometer/ Hardness tester/ Weighing balance/ Slip Gauge Box/ Push pull gauge/ Comparator stand/ Straight edge/ Ring Gauge etc.

To check hindrance in the manufacturing process and timely delivery of the finished goods, we regularly lubricate the machines for smooth working and keep a check on their working conditions. The unit is duly supported by CAD/CAM facility for better designing of the entire range. Our manufacturing and operations department also take periodical feedbacks from the research and development department for improvement in the existing range.